Melvin Wine - 1981
Melvin Wine
Photo © by Micheal Keller

So, you want to help?
Here are some things that you can do
to help make the campout a continued success.

  • You can 'copy' the announcement below and 'paste' it in an email to all of
    your musician friends and invite them to go to the Centralia Campout with you!
    (Or compose something yourself)

    Greetings Fellow Musicians,
    I'd like to announce the Centralia OLD-TIME Music Campout
    August 10-17, 2014. It will be held in Centralia, WA on the banks of
    the Skookumchuck River. Centralia is centrally located on I-5 between
    Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. Go to
    to see some pics of the site and get more information. You may call
    Ray Leach at 360-269-8833 or send an email if you
    have questions. The donation is only $80.00 per person for the week or and
    kids 12 and under are free! Please forward this announcement to all of your
    musician friends and mark your calendar! See you there in August!

  • You can link your website to mine by copying the html below.
    Email me your html or what you want your link to say and the
    URL of your site. I will put a link to your website on my links page.

    <!--Here's the html that you need to link your site to mine.-->

    <FONT FACE="Arial,Helvetica">
    <A HREF="">
    Centralia Campout

    <!--The html above will look like the link below-->

    Centralia Old-Time Music Campout

    One of the easiest ways to help is to make a donation!
    Your donation to CENTRALIA OLD-TIME MUSIC CAMPOUT will be processed by PayPal
    Choose how many campers

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