Campout Photos

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Campout Photos

Campout Videos

Mark Olson - 'Indians Over the Hill' 

Allegra Ziffle and Matt Novak 

Barnum Jack - 'Parted by the Riverside' 

Oliver Abrahamson - 'Jack of Diamonds' 

'New Five Cent Piece' 



Jim Newberry - 'Brushy Fork of Johns Creek' 

Mark Olson - 'Grigsby's Hornpipe'

Lee Birch, Hank Bradley and friends 

Maggie and friends - 'Goodbye Liza Jane' 

Maggie and her band plays 'Sandy Boy's 

Glimpses of the 2008 Campout 

River jam at the 2008 Campout playing 'Twin Sisters' 

Centralia Campout 2008 "Rochester Schottiche" 

'Half Past Four'

'Twin Sisters' 

'The Little Drunken Man'


'The Girl Behind the Bar'

'The Girl Behind the Bar' 

'New Five Cent Piece' 

'Sally Ann' 

'Marthy Won't You Drink Some Good Ol' Cider' 

'Rickett's Hornpipe'

River Jam