Happy Camper Guidelines

Some rules are necessary to help make everyone's stay a little nicer!


You will be issued a festival wristband when you first arrive. If you leave the grounds, you must show your wristband to the gate attendant when you re-enter the campground. It's the only way to know if you've registered or not.


THERE IS A BURNING BAN IN EFFECT! Bring a propane fire pit if you want a campfire. No wood or charcoal fires will be allowed!


Dogs are welcome, as long as they stay in your camp and be tethered at all times! The reason for tethering is that some people don't like dogs and some are extremely fearful of them. They poo when you're not looking and mark camper's gear! They get into other peoples food and fight with other dogs.

If you don't like this policy, leave your pooch at a boarding facility or at home. There is a dog park nearby at Borst Park.

Always pick up after your dog! (Do I really have to mention this!?) I suggest that, anytime you see a pile of dog doo, you pick it up! It's just good PR for all the rest of the campers... THANKS!



If you need to charge your batteries, talk to Ray.


While driving on K St. and in the campground, please observe a 5 MPH speed limit or less!

It's the dry time of year and driving any faster than that will create dust.

Please be considerate of your fellow campers and drive as slow as possible...Thank You!